- Lori, San Francisco, CA

​​​I just used Beth for the second time, and I am so thankful I did!

When the summer was over I found that when I looked at my closet I had nothing to wear for fall. Beth came over and in two hours she made more than 20 outfits from the clothes I already owned -without spending a dime! Then she gave me a very specific shopping list of things that would perk up my wardrobe for fall. I took that list - and only $300 later I now have some fantastic purses, jackets, and tops that are to die for. Using Revamp  gave not only my closet a makeover but my style as well. Now when I get dressed to go out for day or night, I'm actually excited to open the closet. Thank you Beth! And thank you Revamp!


- Kelly, San Francisco, CA

Revamp changed my life!

After picking through my overstuffed closet, I was able to get rid of things I would never use again. But then the real fun began. With Beth’s expert assistance, I was able to rediscover pieces that I hadn’t worn in years!  She helped me put together creative looks with pieces I never would have thought of, helping me to create a virtually new wardrobe within my existing one! I used to just go out and buy new things, but now I can USE what I have and save my purchases for things that are really unique or basics that need to be replaced. Beth helped me replace worn-out basics and validated all my looks. She even helped me pick out a black- tie outfit and pack for a birthday party in Mexico! Best of all, she saved me thousands of dollars!

- Jan, San Francisco, CA
- A, San Francisco, CA 


My daughter is 13 and has a brace she wears to help straighten her spine. 

Dressing in clothing she is comfortable in and still able to express herself have been difficult since she began wearing the brace.  I had bought items that I thought would work over the brace but was having trouble matching them with other pieces and my daughter was feeling frustrated. I asked Beth to come over and work with us, and that she did!  Not only did she find items in my daughter’s closet that we were able to combine with newer pieces, she also quickly understood that my daughter has a “look” and style that was important to preserve.   Beth had my daughter try on a lot of pieces and with each would try to make more than one outfit. While we were working with the clothing, Beth kept a list of items that she felt would help create even more outfits.   She also brought her camera and took pictures all along the way.  The following day Beth emailed over recommendations of where to look for those items and photographs of my daughter in all the outfits we agreed were great.  Now my daughter can just look at the photos and know what her choices are.  I think for any teenager who is difficult to shop with or to reason with, over the issue of clothing, Beth is a perfect stand-in.   She stayed on task and knew what I wanted but all the while pleasing my daughter.  Because this process takes two, or three in my case, having someone who is easy to work with and fun to be around was the icing on the cake.

- Heidi, San Francisco, CA

Beth is a miracle worker…whether it’s helping you to totally overhaul your closet or just find the perfect t-shirt, she’s amazing. 

I was desperately in need of something to wear for a special event and didn’t have much time to shop.  With just one phone call and some very valuable questions, she helped steer me to two stores, and within 30 minutes I’d not only found a smashing dress but shoes too.  With one additional phone conversation she talked me through the accessories and jewelry, and that was that- a total relief for someone who is working, over-taxed, and yet still wanted to look great.  The best part is that because we’d established a relationship revamping my closet, she already knew my style and was right-on in where to send me.  She also did the phone consultations at no charge and made herself more than available to fit my schedule. Where else can you find that?  She’s the best kind of personal shopper I know of because she’s working for you not for the stores!  I will use her again and again. She’s a total find.

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Thanks to the remarkable and talented Beth Berliner, opening my newly “Revamped” closet brings me a sense of joy and possibility - not anxiety over what to wear.
Beth helped me pull together at least two dozen new, seasonally appropriate outfits from clothes and shoes I already owned. She “discovered” two jackets I hadn’t worn in years and transformed them into centerpiece items in my new wardrobe. While mixing and matching ensembles, Beth readily shared her keen fashion sense and style tips with me, e.g. V-neck t-shirts elongate the look of one’s neck. A blouse and trousers is not a complete outfit. You need to add a jacket and scarf or other accessories to add personality and character. Untucked shirts and unbuttoned suit jackets refresh an outfit in a fun and modern way. Beth also shared valuable tips on dressing for our subzero San Francisco summers. I learned that by dressing in layers and adding a drapey cotton scarf, light colored trousers, and peep-toe shoes, I can stay warm, but, as Beth says, “nod to the season”. Best of all, Beth helped me recognize my own sense of style. I now have the confidence to know what works for me. I would highly recommend Beth to anyone who has a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. Don’t go clothes shopping again until Beth Berliner teaches you how to shop your closet first.

Revamp   make your wardrobe work for you