Do I have to revamp my whole wardrobe?
No.  We can focus on one area that is troublesome, like outfits to wear out to dinner.

Can I hire you for a certain amount of hours?
Yes, as long as we figure out beforehand what we want to accomplish.

Can we discuss my wardrobe prior to getting started?
Yes, a complimentary telephone consultation is necessary to discuss your goals and to understand what is and is not working for you in your wardrobe prior to meeting. This will prepare both of us for a productive first meeting.

How many outfits can I expect to have at the end of our session?
It depends on how much you own and how much of your clothing we go through together.

If I already have outfits that I like, but I just want you to tweak them or reassure me, will you do that?
Yes, in fact, sometimes an outfit that you love will give us ideas for other possibilities.  

If I want you to come shopping with me to buy items missing from my wardrobe, where do we shop?
It depends on what we are looking for and your budget. I will make suggestions and hope you will too.

I don't like to shop in stores.  Can you help me shop online?

Yes, this has become a popular part of my services.  Once I know your style and what you are looking for, I scour the Internet to find at least ​three options of each item. I send you an email with a link to each potential piece so it's as easy as clicking a link and purchasing. 

Will you want to get rid of ALL my old clothing?
No. The idea is to use what you already own. However, cleaning out is part of the process. I understand that clothing can have sentimental value (an old concert t-shirt or your favorite jeans). This endeavor takes two of us; we talk, decide, and work together toward a more usable wardrobe.

Do you bring clothing to donation, consignment, or alteration for me?
Yes, but my hourly rate applies.  For alteration, you would of course need to be present.

Can I hire you for a friend as a gift?
Yes, I provide gift certificates.

Will you work with teenagers and/or take them shopping?
Yes! Coming from a counseling background and having worked with teenagers, I am well aware of how difficult the topic of clothing and dressing can be, especially for a mother and daughter.  Sometimes just having a third person in the room (or a mother not in the room) when trying on clothing can alleviate the stress or curtail a fight.

How will I remember all of the outfits and ideas we came up with?
I bring a camera and take photos of the outfits we create.  After our work I will email you the photos and the list of the items we felt were missing from your wardrobe.


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