Beth is a gifted stylist who has really helped me dress better in many ways.​ 

She has helped me pick out outfits for special occasions using many items already in my closet.  In addition, she has helped me pack for trips.  She creates a list of clothing to pack and what I need to buy and explains how different outfits and pieces can work together to optimize what I bring.  She will actually pack my suitcase in a super organized way, and it is like having a present that I get to open on my trip with everything in it I need and nothing I don’t.  When it came to buying clothes, we either went shopping together or as a busy working person, she would send me carefully edited online links from a variety of stores.  She gives me several choices in each category that I am looking for and at a range of prices.  This is a super efficient way to shop, but if I tried to do it on my own, I would be overwhelmed.  When the items arrive, they have all worked perfectly, and I have not had to return anything.  Beth is a lifesaver when it comes to helping me dress as my best self and feel good about my clothes and wardrobe. 

-K. San Francisco, CA

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About Revamp

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My name is Beth Berliner. I have a master's degree in counseling and a love for clothing. In 2008 these passions gave way to Revamp, a wardrobe consulting business that focuses on a client's current wardrobe and supports her individual style. Overhauling or fine tuning a wardrobe is not always about shopping. This concept of using clothing already owned to create new outfits has many benefits. By mixing and matching pieces in ways that were not thought of before, the possibilities are endless and new looks are often created without the need to shop. Discarding clothing that have not been worn in years and are taking attention away from wearable pieces is also a critical part of revamping. This combination of creativity and simplification leaves the client with a true working wardrobe.