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  • Trying on your clothes to create personalized outfits
  • Photographing the outfits so you don't forget
  • Making a list of wardrobe essentials that are missing
  • Organizing clothes for consignment, donation and/or alteration.

Revamping includes:

​Rediscover your clothing by trying on, clearing out, and creating outfits from your existing wardrobe.

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Your style is unique to you, and I appreciate that. By listening to your needs and understanding your lifestyle, together we mix and match clothing so you end up with a true, working wardrobe. And if you  need to shop, be assured that I do not collaborate with any retailers, so our focus is solely on you. Whether you need an hour of my time to help pack for a trip or your closet needs an overhaul, we work together to alleviate the stress that women often associate with their clothing. 

  • Online shopping (popular follow-up service!)
  • Personal one-to-one shopping   
  • Retail referrals
  • Pack & plan for travel
  • Special occasion dressing
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Revamp   make your wardrobe work for you

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